Goldrock Capital is a trusted family office advisory firm - assisting significant families in the management of their affairs and financial assets. Since 1998, Goldrock has taken care of the Goldman family. In 2013, we opened our doors to other families. The goal of Goldrock Capital is to simplify the lives of its clients.


We take responsibility for the needs of families with significant wealth. The team understands that management of wealth is a multi-generational assignment that requires far more than just prudent investment management. Therefore, we take a proactive approach toward what we call family risk management. This method focuses on the needs and requirements of each family as a whole, for every generation separately, and for each family member individually. Goldrock Capital is an independent advisory firm, not a bank or a licensed entity. We guide decision-making and execution, but our clients retain full discretion and authority.


We are strong believers that asset allocation is the key driver to investment returns. We create our own global asset allocation which is applied uniquely to each family and work with the best investment managers from around the world. We drive our investment advice through a thematic process, not the typical benchmark driven "bucket” investing. Our heritage is acting for a single family and we advise according to our convictions, even when this is against market consensus.


Our only interests are those of the families we serve. We are a fee-only, non-discretionary advisor. Goldrock Capital sells no products and receives no commissions. Our compensation comes solely from fully transparent fees paid to us by our clients, and it is not affected by client investment decisions. Any benefits that we are offered based on our size and scale is passed along to our clients. This simple approach removes conflicts of interest and ensures objective investment advice and peripheral financial services – only focused on the best interests of our clients.


We are a ten person firm with three partners. Daniel Goldman founded the firm in 1998 to manage his own family's wealth and financial issues. He was joined by Darren Rockman in 2001. In 2008, David Ram joined and became a partner in 2013. We aim to create a working environment of stability and reliability where our team builds loyalty to the firm and its clients.